Saturday, 24 October 2009

Stop Press......New Labour succeed in their plan to destroy Britain

I'm normally scathing of conspiracy theorists. However, observation of the mess we're in, and two recent posts - one at both OH and DK, discussing how immigration policy has been blatently and recklessly directed at achieving a leftie political agenda, and delibreately to "rub the right's nose in diversity", and the other, again at DK, discussing how they planned to change the consitutional working of the country irreversibly.

It just all adds up too neatly and plausibly. I feel shocked at the irresponsibility of the "New Labour Project" playing deadly games with our country an our culture for the sake of their twisted student political games. If this is true, it surely adds up to a series of criminal acts - treason, even.

Though I'm sure the legislative system or other mechanisms have been carefully sabotaged to protect them.

Depressing, eh?

Addendum: An original article is worth reading. It's scary, and tells me that "something must be done". But what?

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