Wednesday, 18 November 2009

A grand deceit

I'm stupid.

I lost sight of this.

What proportion of the population doesn't understand the difference between "defecit" and "debt"?

I'd wager it's frighteningly close to 100%.

So, to put it simply, the defecit is the gap between income and spending.

Aaaaand...... that means that Labour have just promised to legislate that our national debt will be slowed down from growing at £200 billion a year now to £100 billion a year in four years time.

Wonderful. Thank you Gordon, you liar, you deceiver, you hate figure, you selfish, freedom hating scum. As time goes on, I realise I'm coming to hate you with a burning passion I've never experienced before. You've subverted our country by your misrepresentation and "clever" manipulation. You drone on and on with your preprepared misinformation speeches.

I want you gone. I want the average person to see what you've done and you're doing.

This socialist, statist government is finally showing its true colours. The things that New Labour tried to hide.

Just bugger off.

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