Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Prime Minister's Questions is an utter disgrace and insult to the country

I've just suffered watching PMQs, and I wonder if you, like me, think it has sunk to a disgraceful, contemptible low?

Brown had the temerity to accuse a tory backbencher of asking a planted question! FFS, almost ALL the questions from labour MPs were blatently planted, and just lead-in lines for Brown to attempt a punchline and tory putdown.

Something desperately needs to change.

Also, surely Brown told a number of lies today when asked direct questions, particularly about the briefings against Darling. I wish someone could produce some proof, and show him to be dishonest.

The business about the failed hospital was awful, too - he simply ALWAYS blames someone else. Surely it's clear where the buck really stops - at his desk.


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