Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Unemployment, job centres and stuff

It's too long since I blogged! Things I've been listening to today, and thoughts prompted by them, make me want to give forth a ramble, though.

The latest unemployment figures came out today, and there was of course the usual spin and lies that are rolled out to try to convince (unfortunately successfully too often) people that things are getting better. I've blogged before how the statisitics really lie, and that many people classed as "in work" are actually doing part time work where they want full time, or in a position much worse than their last job.

Also, on Fivelive, there was an interesting phone-in on the subject. Many people were criticising both the lack of help from jobcentres and the lack of ability or knowledge of their staff to help. Several people were told that they should "dumb-down" their CV in order not to frighten off potential employers - presumably because the positions they were being encouraged to apply for were seriously below their ability and experience.

I'm seriously pissed off at the strong feeling that we, the electorate, the controlled masses, are lied to, but also that the truth of the situation isn't even aired or articulated.

Surely, the truth is not, as the debate frequently rages about, that either the jobcentres aren't fulfilling their role, and/or that the government isn't doing enough to help people into jobs.

The truth is, there simply aren't the jobs there at all, or at least not the quality of jobs that there once were.

Our standard of living, and quality of life is being dramatically eroded.

We need steps to build new businesses, and to help the competitiveness of business generally in this country. We need to be selfish in a global, and especially european way, so that we can look after ourselves and our own, and restore some of what we once had.

I wish I could articulate these feelings more clearly. I feel rather pessimistic about the future.

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